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5 Solar Power Facts or Fiction


There are a lot of misconceptions out there about solar power. In this blog, we’re going to shed some light on some of those common misconceptions with the truth. At the same time, there’s a lot of information out there about solar energy that’s surprisingly true. You’ll want to make sure you believe the right things about electricity, and not just about solar energy, but also about important information on your home appliances and the nature of sunlight itself. So have some fun exploring these five “True or False Questions” about solar power and energy in your home.

1. True or False?: Solar panels are a new technology.

False: The first modern solar panels were created in the U.S. in 1954 with an efficiency of 6%. The idea behind converting sunlight into electricity (called the photovoltaic effect) is attributed to Alexandre Becquerel in 1839. For an easy to follow timeline of solar panel innovation check out this article. Alexander Becquerel observed the photoelectric effect in 1839. The first solar panels were developed all the way back in 195os by Bell Labs.

2. True or False?: the Earth receives more sunlight in one day than it uses all year.

True: The Earth receives more energy from the sun in just one hour than the world uses in a whole year. [Source: CalTech Institute of Chemistry}

3. True or False?: Your washer and dryer use the most electrical energy.

False: Electric ovens take the most amount of electrical energy, followed by microwaves and central air conditioning. A lot of homeowners worry about running these appliances too much, especially their air condition, because of the cost. But with the right solar panel system, you can relax and let go of your month bill anxieties. Solar power gives you energy independence to use electricity the way that you want to. Rid yourself of counting kilowatts by switching to solar and generating your own electricity.

4. True or False?: All solar panels are shiny with silver lines.

False: There are many options on the market today, and some of the most modern and aesthetically pleasing solar panels are solid black with a black frame.

5. True or False?: The process for getting solar power at home is long and complicated.

False: A qualified solar panel integrator or installer, like our firm Baker Electric Solar, does all the paperwork, permit fetching, and number crunching for you. Going solar the Baker Way takes four easy steps: Consultation, Design and Engineering, Installation, and Operation. The solar installation itself only takes 2-3 days with our trained installers.

The only basic steps you have to take are:

a) Consider your house and your electricity usage. Do you pay more than $120 a month for electricity? The more power you need, the more beneficial getting solar panels is going to be. You’ll also have to consider which financing option you’d like to choose for your solar system. Baker has lots of financing options and we’ll help you decide which option makes the most financial sense with your budget.

b) Explore what assistance money is available. Typically there are federal and state rebates for homeowners switching to alternative energy. We will be able to explain and help you understand your options.

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