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Baker Electric Solar is SunPowers Residential Dealer of the Year

sunpower solar panels

We are talking proud at our digs at 1298 Pacific Oaks Place in Escondido!  On April 12 it was announced at the annual SunPower regional conference in Long Beach that Baker Electric Home Energy was named the 2011 SunPower “Residential Dealer of the Year.”

“It is a distinct honor to be recognized as SunPower’s ‘Residential Dealer of the Year.’ We have been a SunPower dealer for several years, and it is a great partnership! SunPower’s dealers are respected throughout the solar industry and recognized as highly experienced contractors,” said BES President Ted Baker.

SunPower Corp. (NASDAQ: SPWR), a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of high efficiency solar cells, solar panels and solar systems, is the leading manufacturer of residential solar installations in the U.S. and has a network of 2,000 dealers worldwide.

The “Residential Dealer of the Year Award” is given to the dealer that achieves the highest combination of installation quality, customer satisfaction ratings, and solar project volume. The designation qualitatively honors the way the dealer conducts everyday business in their partnership with SunPower.

“We congratulate Baker Electric Solar for their extraordinary performance in 2011 including the innovative BEQ-9 commercial project, which is helping the U.S. military achieve energy security through the use of cost-effective, reliable solar power,” said SunPower President Howard Wenger. “BES has demonstrated a level of quality and commitment to excellence worthy of these two prestigious awards, and we look forward to their continued success as a SunPower Elite Dealer.”

This prestigious Residential Dealer of the Year award recognizes our company’s integrity in branding, marketing and sales, as well as our quality in design, operations, field execution and customer service.  Thank you to all our customers who gave us high marks and kudos in your satisfaction survey!

For more information on Baker Electric Solar, call (877) 543-8765 or visit BakerHomeEnergy.com.

Why Solar?

It’s no secret that solar power is better for the environment than traditional power sources. That’s because it doesn’t emit any harmful greenhouse gases. It simply converts energy from the sun into electricity. Solar panels use what’s called the “photovoltaic effect” to turn light into an electric current. But solar isn’t just good for our planet – it’s good at saving you money too.

If you’re tired of rising electric rates and of worrying about the cost of running your air conditioning, then consider switching to solar. Installing solar grants you the energy independence you’ve always wanted and rids you of your monthly bill anxieties.

Why Baker?

At Baker Electric Solar, we don’t do cookie cutter. Every solar system we install is custom-designed to meet each individual customer’s unique needs. Our process begins by asking you some questions about how you use energy, if you plan on adding any electrical loads in the future (like a pool or electric vehicle) and if you’d like to use more electricity than you currently do so that we can design a system to meet your family’s energy needs for the next 25+ years. Give us a call today for a free solar quote to see how much going solar could save you!

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