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The Future of Coal is Darkening

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Coal is what made the industrial revolution possible, but due to a combination of economics, pollution concerns, and competition from cleaner fuels – including San Diego solar – the future of coal is darkening around the world. As Bernstein Research Commodities Analyst Michael Parker puts it, “it’s the beginning of the end of coal.” This is good news for environmental enthusiasts and just another reason to pursue a solar panel San Diego installation sooner rather than later.

It’s projected that the US will burn around 943 million tons of coal this year, about the same as in 1993. In addition, coal production in the US this year is on par to match a 20-year low of about one billion tons. Even China, which burns as much coal as the rest of the world combined (four billion tons per year), could be approaching a coal consumption peak as leaders respond to public outcry over China’s notoriously filthy air.

Coal has been a go-to fuel for generations because it’s cheap, abundant, and easy to transport and store. Because of this, it’s likely that coal’s decline will occur very gradually over many decades. However, the faster it’s put to rest, the better. After all, coal emits an array of pollutants and twice as many greenhouse gases as natural gas.

Signs that Coal is on its Way Out

  • The US is on the brink of implementing new pollution regulations that could potentially forbid new coal plants from being built.
  • 151 coal mines in the US have gone idle this year.
  • The US government put coal-rich land in Wyoming up for auction and didn’t attract a single bid.
  • Utilities rely more on natural gas to generate electricity since recent unearthing around the globe has boosted supplies.
  • San Diego solar, wind and other renewable resources are growing fast as they become more affordable.
  • Greater emphasis on efficiency is mitigating global electricity demand.
  • Attention to nuclear power, hydro-electric plants and renewably energy in China is pushing coal out of the way.
  • Compared to outfitting coal plants with pollution-trapping equipment, renewable energy is comparably less expensive.

Help push pollution-forming gases and soot particles produced by coal out of the way by installing a solar panel San Diego on your property this year. Contact Baker Electric Solar, a solar company San Diego, to learn more about the benefits of San Diego solar.

Go Green and Save Some Green with Solar

Solar energy is significantly better for our environment than traditional power sources like coal. That’s because solar produces no harmful greenhouse gas emissions. It simply uses the photons in sunlight to produce electricity. But not only is solar power good for the environment, it’s also good for your wallet and grants you the energy independence you’ve always wanted. Solar allows you to rid yourself of your monthly bill anxieties so you can use your air conditioner, heat your swimming pool and do that extra load of clothes all without fear of rising electric rates.

Interested in learning about how much solar could save you? Give us a call today for a free quote at (877) 543-8765.

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