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Is Solar Energy a Relatively New Technology?


Many people today are under the impression that San Diego solar is a relatively new technology. The sun’s rays have only been harnessed for the past few decades, right? Actually, the history of solar energy dates back 6,000 years. Ancient people may not have turned to a San Diego solar company to install photovoltaic systems on their roofs, but they knew quite a lot about taking advantage of the sun’s energy. Here’s a brief look at solar energy’s history, long before there was solar in San Diego.

  • Stone Age Chinese: The earliest sign of people using solar energy was 6,000 years ago in ancient China. People built their homes carefully to maximize the sun’s heat and light in winter.
  • Greece: About 2,500 years ago, most Greek homes were heated by the sun.
  • Rome: Architects in Rome published books to help the average Roman save on fuel, since firewood was scarce at the time.
  • Galileo Galilei: Much later, during the Renaissance period, Galileo and those he worked with made plans to construct solar-focusing mirrors. The purpose was to focus the sun’s rays effectively enough that they could burn enemy ships as they approached.
  • Leonardo da Vinci: A more peaceful use of the sun’s energy was Leonardo’s plan to build mile-long mirrors to heat water for the wool industry.
  • Industrial Revolution: Years later, engineers in the Industrial Revolution invented solar-powered steam engines with the idea of saving Europe from collapse if they ran out of coal and other fossil fuels.
  • Swiss polymath: The first example of global warming was modeled in 1767 by a Swiss polymath who trapped solar heat in a glass box to demonstrate how carbon dioxide traps heat from the sun.
  • New York City: As electricity began to power cities, the very first photovoltaic array was installed in New York City – in 1884!
  • Enterprising businessmen: In the 1890s, solar made its first appearance in California. Businessmen used the glass box idea to harvest solar energy to heat water.

The notion that San Diego solar isn’t well established is obviously quite false. Of course, technology has grown by leaps and bounds, so it’s no wonder that homes and businesses today are acknowledging its validity and have started tapping into this renewable energy source! To learn more about the advantages of solar in San Diego, please contact Baker Electric Home Energy today.

Call us at (877) 543-8765 for a free solar quote. One of our expert solar energy consultants can provide you with a free estimate for a custom designed solar system that will meet your family’s unique needs for the next 25+ years. We don’t do cookie cutter. At Baker, our process starts by asking you some questions about how you use energy, if you have plans of adding any electrical loads in the future (like a swimming pool or electric vehicle) and how conservative you’re being with your energy use so we can determine the perfect system size for you. The Baker Way is doing business the right way so you can feel good about going solar for decades to come.

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