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Satellites May Someday Beam Solar Power to Receivers on Earth


When it comes to obtaining power from the sun, we sure do have it good in sunny Southern California. As one of the premiere solar companies San Diego has to offer, we at Baker Electric Home Energy appreciate how fortunate we are to have so many bright, sunshine-filled days every year.

With so much sunlight, the potential is high for residential and business customers to get cheaper electricity from the sun thanks to solar power panels installed by our team of expertly trained professionals.

Now consider all the locations on Earth where the sun shines less consistently, such as places that are blanketed in fog much of the year. And in many places that are remote and isolated, such as Indonesia and Northern Canada, energy costs as much as two to three times what people pay in the continental United States. If only there was some method to transmit power to these locations effectively and inexpensively.

The answer may turn out to be power beaming from space, according to a recent article at Fox Business. John Mankins, president of Artemis Innovations and the former head of Advanced Concepts Studies at NASA, says that we can obtain energy with satellites outfitted with solar panels, and then beam the power down to receptors on the Earth’s surface.

Mankins calls his idea the SPS-ALPHA or Solar Power Satellite via Arbitrarily Large Phased Array. It would use a network of small computerized satellites to soak up the sun’s rays and transmit them to Earth for powering businesses, government buildings and people’s homes.

Unlike the popular conception of enormous satellites in space, such as those used by the GPS system to help us navigate our vehicles or the ones used by television broadcasters, Mankin’s plan calls for using a large number of smaller satellites that would work together as if they were a single satellite.

Onboard computers would constantly recalculate the best position and orientation to gather the most power. Then they would convert the solar energy and transmit it by microwave beams to the receptors located on Earth. Scientists would be able to change where they beam the power, such as shifting from Hawaii to Canada. The project can be completed within 15 years, Mankins, says, with a prototype requiring about three years to develop.
While the scientists continue to work on their solar power satellite system for eventual use on a global scale, we can appreciate the fact that it’s easy enough to get your own solar power panels for your home or business today with Baker Electric Home Energy, one of the preferred solar companies San Diego has to offer.

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of residential solar? Then give us a call today at (877) 543-8765. Solar energy isn’t just good for the environment by significantly reducing your carbon footprint, but it also saves you a lot of green off of your electric bill. Free yourself from your monthly bill anxieties by switching to solar power. Installing a solar system on your roof allows you to generate your own energy and gives you the freedom to use electricity the way you want to without worrying about a high utility bill at the end of every month.

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