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Solar Power Could Lead to Improved National Security


Widespread adoption of solar power technology may wind up increasing the safety and security of people in the United States. For anyone wondering what are the advantages of solar power, national security can go high on the list. That’s the contention of a recent post at the Huffington Post by Energy Studies scholar and Mosaic fellow Jacob Sandry.

The amount of energy we use exposes the U.S. to multiple national security threats, Sandry notes, such as our ancient power transmission systems, which are connected through a computerized grid. Our Department of Defense is the world’s largest consumer of energy, expending huge sums on oil and gasoline.

At the same time, our military operations overseas require additional fossil fuel, and this reliance on oil and gas is not only expensive but also dangerous for our troops. While gas costs about $4 per gallon here in California, it costs about $400 to get a single gallon to our fighting forces in the Middle East.

What’s more, we face the growing danger of climate change, which poses additional threats to our national security.

Theorists suggest, for example, global warming can lead to shortages of food and other badly needed resources, as well as cause extreme weather events. Natural disasters stemming from climate change can displace millions of people, causing further geopolitical instability as people move into refugee camps or seek shelter by immigrating to another country.

By shifting to solar power, we can increase national security, Sandry says. We’ll spend less on fuel and we won’t be reliant on hostile governments in oil-producing nations. In fact, the military has already begun setting up portable solar arrays to provide power to remote areas.

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