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The Best Time to go Solar in San Diego


As employees of a solar power company in San Diego, we often get asked, “When is the best time to go solar?” As a San Diego solar company, this is a fair question. We have pretty great weather year round! Take a walk outside in the middle of January and it’s 80 degrees outside. That being said, we have a lot of advice to give consumers interested in going solar.

So when IS the best time to go solar?! Well, right now! No, seriously, now.

If you are planning to go solar in San Diego, it’s best to start the process before the summer rush! Come June and July solar companies will be swamped with individuals wanting to learn the benefits of solar energy. The best way to ensure you get the attention you deserve from your solar company is to be ahead of the game and start your conversations now.

Don’t wait until you see that enormous electric bill from running the AC all day, heating the pool, and the kids being home all day from school. Rather be proactive! Ensure your solar panels are energized before the summer sun steals your summer vacation budget! Just like when tax time rolls around, it’s always better to be one step ahead, rather than filing for an extension.

Another factor to consider when timing your solar installation is product availability. Right now, solar companies are fully stocked with the best of the best solar panels for your solar system. When the summer rush hits, the supply of panels may begin to dwindle, potentially slowing down your solar installation and delaying those electric bill cuts. Instead of one monster bill, you could end up with two or three before you are fully energized! Remember, it’s up to your power company to activate the solar panels within your metering. Don’t be at the end of their list.

Go Green – Save Some Green

It’s no secret that solar energy is better for the environment than traditional power sources. That’s because solar systems don’t produce any harmful greenhouse gases while they’re generating electricity. Solar panels take the energy in sunshine to make power for you to use. It’s that simple. Solar panels don’t have any moving parts – they use what’s called the “photovoltaic effect” to create energy.  Wondering what “photovoltaic” means? It’s the process of converting light into an electrical current.

But when you switch to solar, the planet isn’t the only one who will thank you for saving some green – your wallet will, too. Going solar gives you the freedom to use electricity the way you want to, without having to worry about a high electric bill at the end of every month. At Baker Electric Solar, we don’t do cookie cutter. We custom design every solar system to meet each of our individual customer’s unique needs. We offer a variety of financing options to meet your family’s budget, so you can feel good about your decision to go solar for decades to come.

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