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HERO Financing Can Help Achieve Net Zero Energy Home

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Net Zero Homes

A trending phrase I’ve come across lately is ‘Net Zero Home.’ With home automation and energy efficiency becoming more and more popular, I speculate we’ll see this phrase grow in popularity as well.

What is Net Zero Energy?

One of the goals of the clean energy movement is to drastically reduce the amount of non-renewable energy that we use to power our homes, companies and government facilities. When your home generates more electricity than it consumes with the use of renewable energy, it is said to be operating as a net zero energy home. In Southern California, the HERO Financing energy efficiency initiative is designed to help consumers who want to do their part to help the environment to also save money by adding or replacing home energy and water efficient products as well as renewable energy systems – including solar panels.

If you have been wondering how much solar costs you may have believed that this technology is too expensive for ordinary working class people. However, solar power is not just the affluent who want to save the planet.

Use of Solar is on the Rise

As more individuals and companies adopt photovoltaic technology to provide themselves with an inexpensive and sustainable source of electricity, we should expect the cost of solar panels to decrease.

This is the same with many technological developments. Early adopters and die-hard believers may pay more to be first, but with the economy of scale that comes from increased production to meet consumer demand, items like solar panels will naturally go down in price.

Still, if you are concerned about the cost for solar panels, HERO Financing is ready to lend a hand. It enables people to get solar panels now for zero down. They pay off the cost of the panels through their property taxes, enabling them to benefit from solar power now instead of having to save up to make the purchase. Currently, there are three counties we service that are participating in HERO – San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino. Participation varies by municipal so be sure to check on whether your home qualifies.

A customer’s meter going backwards thanks to solar

I read a recent article at PVSolarReport about the concept of net zero energy homes that are made possible thanks to solar panels. The article notes that UC Davis has set up the Honda Smart Home to show how homeowners can save money while working toward energy independence.

In fact, the idea of a net zero home means that with solar power panels on the roof, you can power everything in the house, including the electric vehicle parked and charging in your garage. Of course, a net zero home will also rely on design efficiency in terms of sunlight exposure, ventilation and other energy-saving considerations. The result is an environmentally friendly home that you can be proud to live in.

We here at Baker Electric Solar are experts at helping customers save money with solar power panel installations as well as government programs to help with the financial side. If you are interested in learning about HERO financing or the HERO Program in San Bernardino, San Diego, or Riverside in general, please give us a call today. Baker Electric Solar is an approved HERO Program solar contractor.

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