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Solar Contract Signing

Solar San Diego Contract Signing

The Baker Solar Installation Process – Step 1 Contract Signing

From signing your solar contract to the day your meter starts running backwards, we understand that the solar installation process can seem daunting. Many even believe that having solar power installed is as daunting and invasive as a kitchen or living room remodel. I’m here to assure you it’s not!

This is part one of a series of posts that will assist you in your solar installation process. First on the list: solar contract signing.

After doing research on going solar and settling on a company to do your installation, you are at the stage of solar contract signing. At the beginning of your solar installation process, you want to make sure you are not only ready to sign the contract but that the contract is everything you agreed upon. Here are a few reminders on what to do when signing your solar installation contract.

Read through your entire contract

This may seem obvious, but I’m including it because of its importance. You want to read through your entire contract and make sure you are getting what you asked for. Take that extra time to carefully read everything, including the fine print, so you know what you are signing. If you want an extra set of eyes, don’t hesitate to hire a lawyer to make sure you are getting covered. Review included warranties and make sure they match what the solar company said. Product warranties will not likely be in the contract since those are fulfilled by the manufacturers, but any sort of workmanship or roofing warranties should be included in the contract.

Make sure you know how much you’ll be paying

The contract should clearly state what you are paying. In the case of a monthly lease option, a good solar company will be able to give you the exact amount your monthly bill will be. If purchasing or doing a prepaid lease option, a good solar company will clearly detail what the payments will be and when they are due. If you read through your contract and still have no clue as to what you will be paying, it’s time to start talking to other solar companies.

Are you getting what you agreed on?

Next check to make sure you are getting what you agreed on. Is everything you discussed in the contract? What is the production guarantee of the system? Where are the solar panels going exactly? Where will the conduit be placed?

Remember, if it’s not in the contract, it’s not part of the deal

Verbal agreements are not the same as written. Make sure everything you discussed with your solar company is also included in the contract.

Don’t sign unless you know for sure

Do not sign that contract unless you are sure you want to go ahead. If the solar company is pressuring you, it may be best to walk away and find another. If you are still confused about what it is you are actually getting, maybe wait to sign that contract. You want to be 100% sure that you are ready to go solar and that you know exactly what you are buying before you commit to anything.

There you have it – some easy reminders for signing your solar contract. Stay tuned for part two of this series on site surveys.

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