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Learn Why SCE Customers Need to Act Fast

sce rate increase

Have you looked at your electric bill lately? It’s probably not something you want to see. If you have been keeping tabs on your energy costs, have you noticed the amount you owe your utility is going up and up? Maybe you’re often surprised by your bill. You think to yourself I don’t feel like I’m using that much more power, why do I keep getting charged so much?

The answer is quite simple: SCE keeps raising their rates.

Your Rates Keep Going Up

You probably find yourself wondering will these rate hikes ever end? They won’t. 

Above is a graph of the rate increases that went into effect on January 1st. If your electric bill is too high for your liking, it just got even higher.

[Click here to watch a video explaining the new Super User charge that just went into effect.]

Time Is Running out to Get Grandfathered into Current Solar Program

Changes are coming soon to Net Energy Metering (NEM) – your utility’s billing mechanism for its solar customers. Under SCE’s current net metering program, you receive full credit for the power you send to the grid. Currently, when your solar system overproduces and sends power to the grid, you receive that same amount of power back when you need it to power your home later in the day when the sun isn’t shining. For every kilowatt hour of power you send to the grid, you receive the same amount of kilowatt hours back.

[For an explainer on the basics of what NEM is and how it works, click here.]

However, once NEM 2.0 takes effect in SCE territory, all new solar customers will be on what’s called a “time-of-use” (TOU) rate structure. But what will that mean for you? It could look something like this: Say your solar system produces 1 kWh of electricity that is sent back to the grid at 10 am, you might receive 28 cents of credit. If your home then pulls that same 1 kW of electricity from the grid at 8 pm (when the sun has gone down and your solar system isn’t producing power), you could be charged 44 cents for the energy you draw. That means you’re not getting equal credits for the power your solar system produces.

These new rules are going into effect on July 1, 2017. If you go solar before NEM 1.0 expires, you won’t have to worry about time-of-use or not receiving equal credits for what your solar system produces for a long time. Customers who go solar under NEM 1.0 are grandfathered into the program for the next 20 years!

While solar will still financially beneficial under NEM 2.0, you’ll experience even more savings under NEM 1.0.

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