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How long do HVAC systems last?

The life of your HVAC system will depend on several factors, many of which you can control. Here are a few guidelines to keep your system humming for a long time.

How long do HVAC systems last?

Most HVAC systems have a lifespan of about 12–15 years. As a system nears its end, it runs less efficiently, increases energy bills and needs more repairs. When this happens, most homeowners upgrade their furnace and air conditioner together because much like a pair of shoes, they work together.

Running with imbalanced units taxes the stronger one to carry more of the load, wearing both out faster. But two units operating at their best make for optimal performance and a reliable lifespan.

Factors that affect HVAC service life

Climate —furnaces work harder in cold climates and air conditioners work harder in warm climates

Skipping maintenance tune-ups are essential twice a year, including a full inspection, cleaning and flushing coils, fluid check, filter replacement and more.

Sizing —a system too large will continuously cycle on and off. A system too small will run constantly. Both tax your equipment too much.

Quality — high-quality equipment with professional installation will serve you longer and better. It pays to choose industry-leading experts.

Poor installation — dangerous and a drag on efficiency, certified HVAC professionals prevent this by sizing your system correctly and checking your ductwork, insulation and air supply.

How to make your HVAC system last longer

Change your air filters

The best way to impact the life of your HVAC system is one you probably already know: change your air filters often. When filters become clogged, they choke your system and can lead to cracks in the coil and heat exchanger.

Perfect, that’s covered in your tune-ups, right? Right. But we do encourage changing them more often — at least every 90 days. You can change them on your own or call us for help.  

Keep up with maintenance

Schedule AC service at the start of spring and furnace service in early fall. Being prepared for that first hot or cold day of the season means your system won’t get stressed and neither will you.

Don’t ignore signs of a problem

We get it — there’s never a convenient time for a repair, but we promise it’s worth it. Acting quickly could mean the difference in needing a minor repair now versus total replacement too soon

Use a smart thermostat

They help your system run more efficiently, lighten its workload and prevent extra wear and tear. All of this supports a longer lifespan.

Let Baker Electric Home Energy help

For maintenance, check out our service plans, where you’re guaranteed the expertise of a certified technician at every visit.

Depend on us for emergency repairs. Our technicians are experienced with every make and model and can handle any problem, big or small.  

Shopping for an upgrade? Let our professionals take the stress out of that decision. We specialize in fitting homes with right-sized, efficient systems. And we recommend only the same quality brands we trust in our own homes.

We’ll help you build a system to provide years of service, save money on your energy bills and ultimately pay for itself.

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