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What is Solar Energy Used For?

You’ve heard solar is the way to go, but have you heard of all it can do? Here are our top four ways to harness the power of solar energy for your everyday life.

What is Solar Energy Used For?

It’s reliable. It’s affordable. It’s eco-friendly. But did you know solar energy is multi-faceted too? Check out these four everyday uses we love for solar energy.

  1. Home power

    It’s only proper to start with one of the most commonly known uses for solar: electricity for your home. Rooftop solar is the best option for most homeowners, though ground-mounted systems are an option too. Expert solar professionals like Baker Home Energy can help you build a system to fully power all your energy needs or offset a certain amount. 
  2. Batteries

    A home solar battery works with a solar system to provide a power source at night or during emergencies, like California blackouts. They’re able to do this by storing your extra energy production ahead of time (for use later). Lithium-ion batteries are the most popular and recommended type of battery for this job.
  3. Electronics

    As solar has become more common, it’s become more accessible in countless ways, including some of the coolest and most useful gadgets a Californian could want. Here are some of our personal favorites:

    • Phone chargers/portable battery packs
    • Rechargeable flashlights
    • Travel music speakers
    • Camping cookers
  4. Lighting

    Solar lighting is one more way to transform your home into a smart, clean-energy-producing machine. Energy.gov recommends them for pathway lighting, light posts, security lights and more. They work especially great in SoCal, where you’ll get plenty of sun to charge them during the day and keep them running at night.

What are the most efficient uses for solar energy?

If savings and independence are how you measure efficiency, there’s one ultimate way to do that: a combination solar + home battery system.

A solar + battery system that supports all your energy needs can power your whole home with less expensive and much cleaner energy. Energy-chugging appliances (we’re looking at you, air conditioner)? Check. Electric Vehicles? Check. All the electronics that support your busy day? Check. With solar, your entire life can operate more smoothly and more affordably. 

A solar + battery combo also makes energy independence possible. This is a term we use to describe living with little to no reliance on the grid. It’s a beautiful thing because it means you own a powerful energy source during the day as well as a secure backup source for nighttime or emergencies. Done right, you’re essentially living off-grid. That’s ultimate efficiency.

Curious if you can achieve that? Give Baker Home Energy Solar Experts a call and we’ll help you make it happen.

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