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Online Booking – Please Read Before Booking
  1. We cannot service renters without the homeowner’s explicit permission.
  2. We do not service:
    • Window or portable ac units or heaters
    • Any water based systems (ex. swamp cooler)
    • Wall heaters
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Note – Booking online is not a confirmed reservation. The Baker Customer Care team will contact you with a confirmation once it has been assigned to a technician.

Book a service or repair

Let our expert technicians fix any underlying issues before they become your next expensive headache.

Our professionals are trained on all brands and models, so we can confidently handle any heating and air conditioning repair, whether we installed your system or not. Each technician is also HIS Licensed, EPA Certified and well-versed in safety measures.

Maintenance, Service or Replace?

Routine maintenance is the best way to prepare your AC or Heating system for changing seasons, prolong the life of your equipment, and prevent expensive repairs. A system that isn’t maintained will waste energy (hello, expensive energy bills!) and have a much shorter life (and that’s not cool).

50% of the energy use in your home is dedicated to cooling and heating. Your whole family depends on these functions and the air from your system impacts their health and productivity. For that reason alone, it’s worth keeping an efficient and clean system.

We recommend a routine AC service appointment once a year during late winter or early spring months. We also recommend a routine Heating service appointment once a year during late summer or early fall.

Our 30-point inspection and tune-up services help you stay on top of insulation, air sealing and thermostat settings to maintain efficiency. Not only is this good for your equipment, but it could help you save up to 30% on your energy bill too! Learn about our home service plans below.

A well-maintained air conditioner will typically last about 12 years. If yours is older or requires frequent repairs, a new one will likely cost you less and serve you better. Our experts can help you decide if a tune-up is all you need or walk you through replacement options that fit your budget and needs.