Why a holistic view of your home’s energy matters today more than ever

Like most homeowners in California, your lifestyle is dependent on an increasing and steady flow of energy as we move closer and closer to the “electrification of everything” goal the state is pursuing to reduce the impact of fossil fuels on the climate.
Baker Home Energy
Baker Home Energy

Energy in the 21st century

As the 21st century lifestyle increases our demand for energy, electrical utilities are struggling to keep up. The electrical grids of the past cannot steadily and reliably meet today’s demand and are becoming increasingly unstable, particularly when challenged by extreme weather events.

Grid instability is compounded by continuous price increases for electricity by the utilities which impacts your wallet and affects quality of life. All of this makes managing your family’s comfort and energy costs more and more complex.

Baker Home Energy

Energy Peace of Mind

To have the peace of mind and the comfort they desire, homeowners need a new level of energy resiliency, free from the instability of the grid and insulated from ever rising energy retail costs. They need steady power they can count on to live and work comfortably, while able to manage their energy consumption with intelligence and ease.

California homeowners need one whole home energy partner that can comprehensively, cohesively and consistently meet all their energy needs. They need a partner to help them navigate this new and complex energy environment helping them make the smart energy decisions. They need a partner who sees the big picture and can ensure all of their home’s energy systems are working harmoniously and efficiently as possible.  They need Baker Home Energy.

Baker Home Energy

Looking to the Future

Baker Home Energy is a forward-thinking leader and expert provider of full-service home energy systems. As a trusted energy expert with more than 86 years of experience, we empower homeowners with energy systems and management solutions enabling them to live at home with comfort and peace of mind in a world of rising costs, grid instability, and extreme weather events.

From solar + battery systems, to EV chargers to air conditioning and heating, we conveniently cover all your home energy needs with flexible options, attractive financing, top-tier products, and extended warranties.

Baker Home Energy

Trusted energy partners

Our trusted energy experts partner with homeowners to identify, implement, and service the right solution at the right budget for their home energy needs, providing clear guidance along the way and helping them make smart choices and informed decisions they can trust.

From service and repair calls to the installation and ongoing maintenance of home energy systems, we consistently deliver a premium experience to our homeowner customers distinguished by attentive, prompt, informed, and caring service.

Baker Home Energy

Technological Innovation

As thought leaders and innovators we constantly invest in tools, technologies, and solutions to enhance our customers’ experience and create new value for our homeowner customers. This includes our exclusive and innovative ChargeOn program which is rapidly becoming one of California’s largest Virtual Power plants, a program that helps stabilize the grid and provides dash dividends to VPP participants.

We seek to make every home in California as self-sufficient as possible. We empower homeowners with economically viable ways to generate, store, consume, and manage their home energy – allowing them to lead their always-on lives with total comfort and peace of mind. Baker Home Energy.

Power. Comfort. Peace of Mind.