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Solar + Home Battery systems are reliable and efficient, and with a little care will be with you for the long run.
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Baker Home Energy
Baker Home Energy

Home energy that is high-power, low-hassle

One of the most loved aspects of solar + home battery is that these systems require little maintenance. Solar panels and home batteries are remarkably durable, and if your system is designed by Baker Home Energy, you can bet it’s constructed to withstand the best and worst of California weather.

Baker Home Energy

Monitoring your system

Once your solar system is installed, we’ll show you how to monitor and track performance. You’ll have access to an app where you can review your production any time. Keeping an eye on your system is the best way to manage it.

  • Full visibility of your system’s technical performance
  • On the spot visualization of solar production and consumption
  • Real-time information about your solar system operations including hardware settings, efficiency, long-term usage and more
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General maintenance

As your system ages, it may need an occasional check-up. You can rely on Baker to inspect all equipment and electrical components including wiring, conduit mounts, roofing flashing, and the clamps that hold your panels in place, and handle any tuning necessary.

If a part of your system is compromised, your monitoring app will tell you. For example, your panels may accumulate buildup which reduces efficiency, there may be shade growth around the array, or you may need a solar panel repair or solar appliance repair. If this occurs, we always recommend a professional evaluation – never risk your safety attempting repairs yourself.

The most common interruption we see isn’t actually due to system equipment, it’s due to internet connectivity. When a home network or password changes, your monitoring system and data logging devices may need to be reconnected to the network. If you have any trouble with this, we’re only a phone call away.