System Add-ons

Need more solar power? Add solar panels or a home battery to expand your system.
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Grow your solar system with your life

When life changes so do energy demands. Luckily, solar systems are adaptable. Whether you’re looking for more solar panels or battery storage, we’ll help you maximize your solar production. Because life is too short to pay high electric bills again.

Why you should expand

With your solar system, you’ve already decreased or eliminated your electric bill. You know how great it feels to rely less on the grid. Whether your system was installed by Baker Home Energy or another installer, it was probably designed to support your anticipated energy consumption at the time.

Spending more time at home, adding major appliances, installing a hot tub, or switching to an electric car are just a few ways your energy consumption may have since increased. Or you may have moved into a home with an existing solar system and now you need it customized to your family’s lifestyle.

Your energy needs

Understanding your current energy consumption is key to right-sizing your system. Your recent electric bills and monitoring system will help us understand how much more electricity you need today. The space you have to add on solar panels will play a role in our recommendation as well.

Solar Panel installation

Adding solar panels

Choosing the right panels is a balance of cost and energy production. Do you have the budget for a premium, more powerful panel, or would an economical panel meet your goals? Is your inverter powerful enough to handle more panels and what are your options if not? These are all things Baker Solar Professionals will cover with you.



Adding battery storage

If you’re ready to take the next step toward total energy independence, you can add on solar battery storage. A home battery stores excess electricity generated from your solar panels. This electricity then powers your home at night or during power outages. Depending on your needs and budget you can choose batteries that will provide several hours to several days of backup power storage.

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No Power? No Problem

Power blackouts have become an inevitable part of summer in this area. As they become more common, so do backup batteries — they’re one of the top requests from our customers looking for ways to survive outages. Let Baker Home Energy help you prepare for the unknown by adding one to your system. Here’s how that works:

  1. We’ll audit how and when you use your electricity to see how a battery would best help.
  2. You decide which circuits you want to run during a blackout or power outage.
  3. Our experts will assess your existing solar system for the right fit (a poorly designed system can ruin your batteries).
  4. Once installed, we program your battery to your specific needs.
  5. Now you’re ready to take control of your home energy production!