A Home Battery from Baker Gives You Options

Adding a home battery to your solar system gives you control of your energy. Batteries help use the full capacity of your solar system without letting excess electricity go to waste because now you can store it for later use. We install home battery systems built to last, just like us. And we have the technology, technicians and expertise to ensure you get the right battery installed and set up correctly.
Baker Home Energy

Why Adding a Battery Makes Sense

Taking control of your home’s energy is exciting. Many don’t know that with a solar system, if the grid goes down, so does your solar unless you have a home battery. With so many choices, it’s important to get the right home battery for you. Trust Baker to help you make the right choice. Every battery system must be carefully calibrated to the individual needs of your home and sometimes navigating these options can be overwhelming:

  • What battery will get me the best return on investment with my home energy?
  • Can I get paid to have a battery?
  • Which battery is best for me?
  • How important is the battery’s chemistry?
  • Which rate plan should I select to optimize my investment?

This is exactly why Baker Home Energy is here – we know the details that make the difference and will guide you to the best option.

Tesla Powerwall


Enphase IQ

Tesla Powerwall

Powerwall 3 is Now in Stock!

Baker Home Energy is a certified Premier Tesla Powerwall Installer. Tesla Energy Premier Certified Installers are companies that Tesla recognizes for their expertise in installing Tesla’s solar technology and energy products.

Tesla’s selection process is rigorous and the certification validates the installer’s capabilities in four key areas: Expertise, Customer service, Design, and Installation. which means our technicians are trained to find the most suitable installation locations on your property and follow the strictest quality standards for the best experience from your home battery.

Tesla makes all its parts in-house and is assembled in the US.

Tesla features:

Intelligent Power Cycling

Tesla batteries charge from your solar panels during the daytime. You then use the stored battery power in the evening when your solar panels can’t generate power. This means you can avoid high time-of-use electricity rates.

Seamless Backup

If there’s a power outage, your solar panels can continue to power your home and charge your home battery. With the Storm Watch feature, your battery communicates with the National Weather Service and prioritizes charging in anticipation of severe weather.

Full Integrated Monitoring

Powerwall comes with full monitoring, metering and management for the system that shows the current status and past use. This monitoring lives in the same ecosystem as Tesla automobiles, allowing for a one stop shop for your monitoring, all accessible on your phone from a dedicated app.

Baker is a Powerwall 3 Premier Certified Installer by Tesla

Powerwall 3

Announcing the new and revolutionary Powerwall 3 from Tesla. Powerwall has built in intelligence that can be tailored to fit your lifestyle plus anticipate and react to certain situations. With its built-in battery inverter, Powerwall is compact and easy to install which also saves you money on installation.

Powerwall installation can be designed for partial backup (to cover essential electricity needs in a power outage) or full backup. When you work with us, our professionals will help you select the setup that best suits your needs and goals. Trust Baker to bring you the latest in battery tech with the new Powerwall 3


sonnenCore home battery

sonnen is the smart way to customize an energy storage solution for your home.

Built to not only power your home, this battery was built to participate in Chargeon, Baker’s exclusive VPP program. sonnen batteries are built for daily use while participating in the sonnenConnect program to earn you maximum cash rewards.

Moreover, these batteries are 100% recyclable when retired, making them a solid decision for both your home and the environment.

sonnen features:


Lithium-ion phosphate is considered one of the safest battery technologies due to its excellent thermal and chemical stability.


LiFePO4 batteries can be cycled 4X more than other lithium-ion options. Coupled with its impressive performance is the industry leading 10-year 10,000 cycle warranty.


Protect your family and the planet with 24/7 access to your solar energy while reducing your home’s use of expensive energy during peak hours.

Sonnen batteries


The sonnenCore+ comes in both 10 or 20kWh sizes. This battery was primarily designed for indoor use. Safety was paramount in its design and yet the industry leading 10-year 10,000 cycle warranty gives it an estimated lifetime energy output of up to 198 MWh.


The newest battery to be added to the sonnen lineup, the sonnen Evo, gives you a 10kWh useable capacity in an indoor or outdoor setting. Enduring the climate, while being safe and built to last, are the key components of this home battery.



Baker’s ChargeOn Program is a revolution in battery options. In addition to an upfront $1500 rebate you will also join a growing community that earns ongoing revenue for using their batteries the way they were intended. Read more about this exclusive option from Baker here.

Baker’s ChargeOn program networks your battery with other residential batteries across California, creating a distributed clean energy supply that is automatically managed as part of a smart power grid. By joining Baker’s ChargeOn Battery Rewards Program energized by sonnenConnect, you help support a sustainable power grid and earn on-going rewards for sharing your battery with the grid— it’s that simple.


Enphase batteries

Enphase IQ batteries use lithium iron phosphate chemistry, making them longer lasting and safer to use. Baker offers the 10kWh size which can be seamlessly integrated in your home power system. The battery also operates with low-voltage DC power, contrary to dangerous high-voltage DC power.

Enphase IQ Battery 10

This fully integrated AC battery system is made of lithium iron phosphate for maximum safety and longevity. It can be installed indoors or outdoors and boasts 10kWh of energy storage.

Enphase features:

Smart Monitoring

Use the Enphase App to monitor your stored solar power ready to use anytime, night or day. Monitor individual solar panel production, as well as see how energy flows in and out of your home. Enphase’s intelligent Storm Guard™ technology also tracks weather systems to notify you when to prioritize your power backup needs.

Familiar Ecosystem

Enphase IQ Microinverters are the leaders in the industry. When an Enphase battery is paired with Enphase microinverters you can monitor your whole-home energy use from one dedicated app. Microgrid-forming technology makes switching between on or off grid virtually seamless.


Enphase IQ batteries are built with Lithium-ion phosphate and have a high cycle life and keep your family safe for years to come.