ChargeOn Battery Rewards Program Launches with sonnen


In a bid to revolutionize energy management and support California’s power grid, Baker Home Energy has launched its groundbreaking ChargeOn Battery Rewards Program. This initiative marks an exclusive partnership with sonnen, a global leader in smart energy storage and virtual power plant (VPP) technology.

ChargeOn will Power California’s Future

Baker Home Energy, renowned for its expertise in solar, battery, and home energy solutions, is now offering its residential solar customers in Southern California the opportunity to get paid for using their sonnen batteries. This innovative program not only supports the grid during power outages but also helps homeowners reduce their electr bills, get quarterly cash payments, and provide backup power to their home.

What is the ChargeOn Battery Rewards Program?

The ChargeOn Battery Rewards Program is the first in California to leverage the sonnenConnect platform. This sophisticated technology uses Virtual Power Plant (VPP) mechanisms to aggregate thousands of individual home batteries, which in turn help reduce grid demand. The program aims to stabilize the California power grid and reduce reliance on traditional fossil fuel sources by injecting renewable energy into the electrical grid. The work done by these batteries is not entirely altruistic, as homeowners will also receive a cash reward for their contributions to stabilizing the grid.

What is a Virtual Power Plant, and how does it work?

A virtual power plant (VPP) functions by connecting and managing multiple home energy storage systems. Typically, these systems are powered by solar renewable energy, which may not be available when the grid needs it most. A Sonnen battery is built specifically to target the growing need for energy during peak demand times. With the combined energy consumption of many batteries orchestrated via the virtual power plant network, ChargeOn not only responds to energy demands as they arise but, on a daily basis, helps reduce strain on the grid. Through the sonnenVPP platform, Baker Home Energy customers’ batteries will provide grid services, optimize energy usage, and contribute to a more resilient power grid. All the while, this solution is powered by clean, renewable energy.

Key Benefits of the ChargeOn Battery Rewards Program

1. Reduced Electricity Bills

One of the standout features of the ChargeOn program is its potential to lower electricity bills significantly. By optimizing sonnen batteries, customers can better manage time-of-use rates, reducing their overall energy costs. Additionally, the efficiencies gained from the sonnenConnect software further enhance these savings.

2. Quarterly Cash Payments

Participants in the ChargeOn program will receive quarterly cash payments for their contributions to the grid. These payments reward offsetting electrical loads and potentially sharing stored energy, making it a win-win for both the customers and the state’s clean energy goals.

3. Enhanced Resiliency

Each sonnen battery in the ChargeOn network helps stabilize California’s energy grid, reducing the risk of power outages. This increased resiliency is crucial, especially in the face of record-breaking heat waves that have stressed the electric grid in recent years.

4. Backup Power

Homeowners with rooftop solar and a sonnen battery will benefit from backup power during grid outages. This feature ensures that even when the grid goes down, the lights (and other essential appliances) stay on.

5. Attractive Rebates

To sweeten the deal, Baker Home Energy offers a $1,500 rebate for each sonnen battery installed as part of the ChargeOn program. This rebate makes the initial investment even more appealing for homeowners.

The Vision Behind ChargeOn

Mike Teresso, President at Baker Home Energy, succinctly captures the vision behind the ChargeOn program: “The ChargeOn Battery Program will be a game changer as Baker will install sonnen batteries that will be networked with other residential batteries across California, benefiting both the grid and our customers.”

Teresso emphasizes the critical role of smart, grid-interactive batteries in achieving California’s clean energy targets. With more than one million homes boasting rooftop solar in California, even a modest adoption rate of 10% for smart batteries could prevent Flex Alerts and help the state progress towards its 2030 goal of 60% reliance on renewable energy.

A Step Towards Nationwide Energy Transition

Baker Home Energy’s collaboration with sonnen for the ChargeOn Battery Rewards Program is more than just a regional initiative; it’s a pivotal step towards transforming the solar industry and accelerating the energy transition nationwide. As Teresso states, “We are honored to launch sonnenConnect California in partnership with Baker Home Energy’s ChargeOn Program.”

Get Involved: Enrollment Information

Customer enrollment for the ChargeOn Battery Rewards Program is already underway. Baker Home Energy plans to install over 75 MWh of new capacity across more than 5,000 customer households by the end of 2025. Homeowners interested in joining this pioneering program can contact Baker Home Energy directly to get started.

The ChargeOn Battery Rewards Program by Baker Home Energy, in partnership with sonnen, represents a significant leap forward in sustainable energy management. By offering financial incentives and practical benefits to homeowners, this program not only supports California’s power grid but also sets the stage for a more resilient and sustainable future. Join today’s energy revolution and be part of the solution to power challenges—one smart battery at a time.

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