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Air Conditioning Installation
Service and Repair

Seasonal Air Conditioning tune up and safety inspection

Only $129

Lower Monthly Bills

After having maintenance performed on your air conditioning and furnace system, your equipment will run less and more efficiently – reducing your electric and gas bills!

Fewer Costly Repairs

Properly maintaining your air conditioning and furnace systems throughout the year can help prevent unforeseen damages and save you loads of money down the road on costly repairs.

6 Month Guarantee!

If your air conditioner or furnace breaks down within six months after your Seasonal Tune-up and Safety Check, we will credit your entire investment towards the repair or replacement of your unit.

What’s included

In one visit that lasts approximately 2 hours, we’ll run a detailed series tests and checks to configure all aspects of your system so you can be sure that everything is running efficiently.

All tune ups and safety inspections are undertaken by our qualified and experienced engineers.

  • Clean and inspect all indoor & outdoor equipment
  • Lubricate all non-sealed moving components
  • Inspect and test and electrical components and connections
  • Test and calibrate thermostat for proper operation
  • Clean and/or replace air filters (customer provided)
  • Inspect ductwork for airflow and energy loss
  • Measure and record refrigerant levels
  • Clean and inspect condensation drain line for proper drainage
  • Measure and record the temperature differential between return air and supply air
  • Measure and record blower motor, condenser motor and compressor amperage
  • Apply rust-resistant treatment to condenser
  • Inspect fan blade rotation, cracks or defects
  • Inspect and test running and starting capacitors
  • Perform an indoor air quality test

Book a tune up and safety inspection

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