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Share your SDG&E Bill and Green Button Data

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Why your Bill and Green Button Data are important

A recent bill along with your Green Button Data provides a highly-detailed view of your electrical use broken down by hour or quarter-hour increments. This level of granularity allows Baker to see your exact electrical use patterns and build a custom home energy system around it.

Most utility bills that you receive online or by mail contain a general summary of your electrical use on a month by month basis. In some cases, this level of detail is sufficient to design your solar system. But due to upcoming changes in how the utility charges for electricity, a look at your detailed energy use provided by Green Button Data, may be required to determine the best Solar solution.

Downloading your SDG&E Billing Statement

Step 1: Login

Go to https://myaccount.sdge.com


Enter your User ID and Password and click “Log In”

Or click here “Register to Begin” to create an account.

Step 2: Click Bill Summary

SDGE Billing and Payment History

Select “Billing” along the top menu bar, then select “Billing & Payment History”:

Step 3: Select Statement Date

SDGE Select Bill

Click the down arrow to the right of the most recent bill and click “View Your Detailed Bill PDF”:

Step 4: Download Statement

Download Options

Click the Download/Save icon in the top right corner of your browser (if your internet settings
allow, it may automatically download)

Step 5: Save To Your Computer

SDGE green button image

A window will open prompting you select a location on your computer to save the file.

If you are not prompted to select a location, skip this step.

Select “Desktop” or any location you will remember.

Click “Save”

Step 6: Draft an Email

Open your email client: Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo…

SDGE green button image

To: customercare@bakerhomeenergy.com

Cc: (Optional) You may include your Baker representative

Subject: first-name last-name Bill

Body: simply repeat the subject, John Smith Bill

Do not send the email yet, see next step.

Step 7: Attach the Document

SDGE green button image

Click the Attachment button in your email window

If you were prompted to select a Save location in a previous step, find and select the file

If you were not prompted to select a location in a previous step, your saved Bill file was likely automatically saved to your Downloads folder

Once the file is selected, verify it is attached to the email and hit Send

Now let’s send your Green Button data.

Downloading your Green Button Data

Step 1: Click the Link and Sign Into Your Account


Click here to sign in to your SDGE account

Step 2: Green Button Connect My Data

Green Button Connect
  1. Select Ways to Save dropdown
  2. Select Green Button Connect My Data

Step 3: Select Baker Electric Home Energy

Green Button Select Baker Electric Home Energy

Step 4: Select Baker Electric Home Energy

Select Meter and Approve

Checkmark your meter.

Select “On an on-going basis, with no end date.”

Checkmark the “affirm and warrant that I am the customer of record” box.

Click Next at the bottom of the page.

Step 5: Complete Enrollment


On the next page, click the Complete Enrollment button

Step 6: Fill Out Form


Fill out the form using your contact info, making sure the email address you enter here matches the email address Baker has on record.

Step 7: Sign In Again

SDGE green button image

The SDGE enrollment confirmation screen will load. Enter your SDGE login name and password one last time and hit the green “Grant Permission” button.

Congratulations, you have successfully sent your Green Button Data!

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