Solar roof installation

What size solar system do I need?

Solar must be tailored to your needs

You know the heat of a SoCal Summer. You’ve felt the anxiety of another power outage. And you’ve suffered rising utility rates each year. You are ready to stop “buying” your power and start owning it.

To do that, you need a system that fits your home, your energy needs and your budget – not a one-size-fits-all package. Baker will help you define your goals and factor in the right details for a precisely designed system.

Your current energy needs

Understanding your current energy needs is the first step in sizing your solar system. Your last year of utility bills will give us a snapshot of your usage. We’ll also learn about your lifestyle and home preferences and use cutting-edge software to model your consumption profile.

Your future energy needs

Your solar system will support you for many years to come so future plans are important too. Expecting to add a hot tub or pool? Thinking about an electric vehicle? Planning to finally go all out and win the neighborhood holiday light contest? Even if you simply want to run your air conditioner more, let us know and we’ll design a system that can tackle it all.

Your home

Whether you go with a ground-mounted solar system or roof-mounted solar system, it’s essential to understand the space you have for installation. We’ll also factor in the right components like panels, inverters, or a backup battery to meet your goals.

Your budget and savings goals

Balancing your budget with your savings goals will influence your system size too. We’ll look for the best ways to maximize system output and slash electric bills while staying within your budget. We offer financing options as well.