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Solar panel installation

Baker Electric Home Energy Customer Portal

Portal Login

Watch the videos below to learn how to create your password, login, navigate and use your customer portal to track the progress of your solar system installation.

Portal Login
Customer Portal Login and Password Creation
Customer Portal Use, Navigation and Chat Walkthrough

The customer portal will be available to all new customers beginning October 25, 2021

Part 1 – Passwords and Logging in

Congratulations on starting your journey, towards Energy Independence. To help you along your way we have created a portal for you to keep up to date on your project status.

The videos found in the links above will help you create and login to this customer portal. Please note, there are two video to guides available to you. The second video goes through all the amazing benefits this portal has to help keep your project on track!

To create your login, go to the email inbox that is associated with your project. You should have received an email with a link to set up your account and password. Click this link to set your password. We suggest bookmarking the customer portal for ease of access.

If you cannot find this email, make sure to check your spam or junk email folder. If you are still having difficulty finding the link, go to the Portal Login button below.

The link that is sent to your email is specific to your account. If you do go to the portal without using the link from your email, click the ‘forgot password’ link. Enter your email address as the login and then follow the instructions that will be sent to your login email address.

Most users will not have to do this. The email link sent in your email will lead you to the login page. However, if you are still having issues contact customer care at 877.578.8080.

Part 2 – Using your Portal Account

Great job! You have created your login and password for the Baker Electric Home Energy customer portal. If this sounds unfamiliar to you, please refer back to the video on how to create and login to the customer portal.

If you have successfully done this let’s walk through all the amazing features the portal offers.

On the login homepage, your project will be listed below the welcome message.

To access the status of your project:

  • You can click on the project you see listed,
  • The My Projects button on the right side of the screen. Or,
  • The Project Summaries Tab, located at the top of the screen.

Click on your project to get more information. At the top of the screen are the details of your project starting with your project number, your address, and your last name. If any of these details are incorrect, contact Customer Care immediately at 877.578.8080.

The project tracker timeline will show you an up-to-date status of where you are on the 8 steps to Solar. As you move along your timeline the ‘Project Stage Description’, ‘What you are Responsible for‘ and the ‘What’s Next‘ sections will be updated with all the information you need to stay informed.

The Project Team section will show your Project Lead. This individual will be your main point of contact should you have any questions.

Before you reach out to your Project Lead with a question, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and their answers for you to review. These are available for you on the homepage. Additionally, the ‘Topics‘ portion of the portal will have up-to-date articles that will give you more specific information on these commonly discussed topics.

If you have further questions, click on the ‘New Chat‘ button or the ‘New‘ button at the bottom of the page. Enter your subject and your message and then press send.

We suggest making each chat specific to one topic. For example, if you have two questions, one about your Time of Use rate and another about your financing options, create your first chat with the subject, “TOU rate” and type in your message below. Then click, ‘Save and New’. In the new chat window subject line type, “Project financing” and in the message enter your question. After hitting save, you will see your new chats saved below waiting for a response from your project lead.

Below the chat section you will find any open issues on your project. Track the status of your project issues here. After the project issue has been resolved it will automatically be removed from this list.

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