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Smart panels are becoming increasingly popular in many households, due to their ability to save homeowners energy and money.
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Baker Home Energy
Baker Home Energy

What are smart panels?

Smart panels replace the traditional main panel at the home.  They allow you to monitor use of electricity via real-time usage data giving homeowners a better understanding of where their energy is used most, helping them identify areas they can reduce consumption to lower their bills. Smart panels may be connected with automated systems, like lighting and climate control, allowing users to adjust settings without ever having to leave the couch.

A smart panel

Other Smart Panel Benefits

  • Detect problems with wiring or appliances before they lead to costly repairs, saving time and money on maintenance.
  • Reduced battery installation costs
  • Improved system reliability via monitoring and backup of certain circuits, protecting them from surges or power outages.

Overall, smart panels are an excellent choice for tech savvy homeowners who want to better understand their home energy systems and are looking to save money on energy bills.

With a Baker installed Smart Panel, users can maximize energy efficiency while reducing the cost of battery installation.

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