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Solar Savings Calculator

Save with Solar in Southern California and reduce your electric bills.

Finding out how much money solar energy could save you has never been easier than with our solar savings calculator. For instance, our calculator can quickly estimate how many panels you need, how much your system might cost, and how much you could save. In just a few minutes you could be on your way to a brighter, sun-powered future. We’ll check and confirm on the spot:

  • Your home is eligible for a home solar energy system
  • How many solar panels you will likely need
  • How much you could expect to pay for your system
  • How much you could expect to save on your monthly energy bill and the lifetime of your system

If you’re interested, we’ll give you a call right away or when it’s most convenient for you. Our Solar Energy Consultants will help review your results, answer any questions you have, and schedule an in-home consultation.

Our free solar panel cost calculator is the fastest way to explore solar energy now. However, unlike other calculators, Baker’s solar calculator is customized to the brands we recommend and carry, along with the professional installation we provide. In other words, this means you’re getting a real estimate from real experts.
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