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Pair a home battery with your solar panels for complete control over your energy

With home batteries, Energy Independence is a reality

When you add a home battery to your solar system, you extend your solar capability in ways that give you more control over your energy, and can reduce your energy costs even more. The benefits of a home battery are:

  • It gives you backup power in case of grid outages or planned blackouts.
  • It extends the energy capability of your solar panels by charging with free solar energy during the daytime, which you can then use at night, when electricity rates are highest and your solar panels can’t generate power.
  • It enables you to avoid the unfair time-of-use billing rates now used by utility companies.
  • It helps you further reduce your dependence on the grid, and even go fully off-grid, if that’s your ultimate goal.

For more details about how home batteries work and could benefit you, see How Home Battery works.

Our home battery product: Tesla Powerwall

We supply and fit the class-leading Tesla Powerwall home battery. Powerwall has built in intelligence that can be tailored to fit your lifestyle plus anticipate and react to certain situations. With its built-in battery inverter, Powerwall is compact and easy to install.

Powerwall installation can be designed for partial backup (to cover essential electricity needs in a power outage) or full backup. When you work with us, our professionals will help you decide on the setup that best suits your needs and goals.

Home battery

Key features:

Intelligent power cycling
Powerwall charges from your solar panels during the daytime. You then use the stored battery power in the evening when your solar panels can’t generate power. This means you can avoid high time-of-use electricity rates.

Seamless backup
If there’s a power outage, your solar panels can continue to power your home and charge your Powerwall. With the Storm Watch feature, Powerwall can communicate with the National Weather Service and prioritize charging in anticipation of severe weather.

Full monitoring
Powerwall comes with full monitoring, metering and management for the system that shows current status and past use. And it’s all accessible on your phone from a dedicated app.

What you get

A Powerwall installation includes at least one Powerwall, a Tesla Gateway and electrical hardware. Baker Home Energy will recommend the number of Powerwalls you need based on your historical energy consumption, anticipated future usage and energy goals.

Where it’s installed

Powerwall is a compact size (26 in x 16 in x 6 in) and is typically located in a garage or on the side of the house that’s tucked away.

It needs to be out of direct sunlight and located somewhere not exposed to temperature extremes (its operating range is -4°F to 122°F).

Tesla powerwall

Baker Home Energy is a certified Tesla Powerwall Installer, which means our technicians are trained to find the most suitable installation locations on your property and follow the strictest quality standards for the best experience from your home battery.

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Latest reviews

David Furukawa
David Furukawa
Our technician, Eric Young, Was superb! He was knowledgeable, thorough, well spoken and engaging. He explained the details of the work he was performing and alerted us on items that needed further attention. We purchased a maintenance contract for his services for the next three years. He was a great ambassador for Baker Electric. Read more
Cassandra Beckman
Cassandra Beckman
Will Stinson just came out and installed our Tesla car charger. He arrived on time, with all the appropriate tools. He was extremely professional, a true reflection of Baker Electric. He took his time to explain the process and what the next steps would be. So grateful to have Will as our expert technician. He and Baker Electric team deserve more than 5 stars! Read more
Brigitte R
Brigitte R
I am very pleased with my new heat pump. My house never been this comfortable during a heat wave. Curt was excellent in recommending the right unit and patiently answering my many questions. The price was very competitive, and the installation was very professional and expertly done. Would definitely recommend Baker Electric to my friends and family. Read more
Neel B.
Neel B.
Baker was consistent, transparent, and professional from start to finish. They were not the cheapest bid I received, but were in the ballpark of others. The… Read more
Michael B.
Michael B.
Ryan did a great job. He was on time. He was thorough with checking out the A/C equipment. And he was very personable. I will recommend Baker Electric to my friends and family. Thank you 😊 Read more
ashley t.
ashley t.
Baker Electric Home Energy is the only company we will choose to work on our home! Solar, roof repair and replacement, HVAC/Air/Heat- they do it all -… Read more
Joe Deihl
Joe Deihl
Thomas Holmes is an excellent representative for Baker Electric Home Energy. Besides having a full working knowledge of HVAC systems, his experience with same has given him insights that he shared with us that will save us money. Specifically advice regarding our air filter selection. And as well tips on how to operate our unit more efficiently. Beyond all this, Thomas is a courteous individual whose friendly demeanor made us feel very confident with Baker Electric Home Energy. We look forward to having Baker Electric service our system on an "on-going" basis so that our Air Conditioning/Heating system is always operating at its best. Thank you Thomas.We look forward to seeing you the next time! Read more
Cassandra Beckman
Cassandra Beckman
If I could give them 10 stars I would. Junior came out to provide AC tune ups and did a phenomenal job. He was extremely professional, wore booties in my home, explained everything in detail and provided recommendations. I will always request him to be our A/C specialist. Baker communicates, provides updates and reminders for all appointments. Baker is overall an exceptional company!! Read more
Howard B.
Howard B.
First of all, have to commend Baker Electric on their customer service when I phoned in to inquire about starting service with them. I have had 4… Read more
Dina N.
Dina N.
My friend recently had a solar system installed and recommended Baker Electric. Our home is 29 years old and we plan to live here for a long time, so we… Read more
Mike Thomas
Mike Thomas
Extremely knowledgeable and pleasant. Drew was very pleasant and so knowledgeable and came up with a plan and sat down with us to throughly explain what to expect. He also assisted with helping us set up our Nest thermostat. He is to return next week and we look forward to him successfully completing the job. 👏 A 5 star employee Read more
Elfried Somberg
Elfried Somberg
Had a mostly smooth experience with Baker. I felt listened to about what we wanted and needed, and results were delivered in a timely manner. Scheduling was important to us due to an upcoming long stay at our home by my elderly mother. Baker made it all happen before her arrival, which we all appreciate a lot. We did a new roof at the same time and it turned out the previous roofing job (we just bought the place) had been shoddy. We can literally hear the improvement or rather the lack of things to hear😊 The panels are up and running and will give us the freedom to replace gas driven appliances with electric ones. Very happy about that. Read more
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