San Diego Solar Panel Installation Information

Let’s get right down to it. In San Diego, when it comes to renewable energy, specifically solar power, how much money can it save on my electric bill always comes up first.

How much money does solar save you?

There is a short answer and a long answer.  The short answer is the homeowner trades an expensive electric bill for a much lower solar monthly payment and starts saving money the day the solar panel system is installed.  For example, let’s take house A and house B.  Both houses have an average monthly electricity bill of $300.  House A installs solar electric and stops paying $300 to their power company and instead starts paying a $150 monthly finance payment on the system.  House A is not only saving $150 per month from the moment their solar system is installed, but each month is one payment closer to paying off the total cost of the panels.  House B continues to pay the electric company the full $300 and is subject to rate increases of roughly 6% each year.  House B is not working towards ownership of a renewable energy system each month, the $300 they pay is simply transferred out of their bank account and into that of their electrical company.  House A is saving money today and also working towards full ownership of its solar panel system.  House B is simply at the mercy of however much their utility charges for electricity.

San Diego Solar answers are a little more technical.

The way in which solar operates from a technical standpoint does not change from city to city – it is the same for San Diego County solar power as anywhere else.  Solar energy is technically called solar photovoltaics, or solar PV for short.  When sunlight hits a solar panel, some of the clean energy is converted into electricity.  Some panels convert more sunlight into energy than others, known as the efficiency of the panel.  Generally speaking, the higher a panel’s efficiency rating, the more expensive it is.  You don’t necessarily need the highest efficiency panels for your solar project, sometimes it makes more financial sense to go with a cheaper panel and simply add a couple of extra.  The panels on your roof act as power plants and feed into your electrical panel, which in turn powers your home.  So far so good, you probably knew much of this already.  It is important to know solar panels do not power your home at night; here’s where it gets a little tricky…

Here’s where it gets more specific to San Diego.  When you install a renewable energy system, you continue to have a relationship with your utility company, however, you are no longer paying them for electricity.  It’s called Net Metering.  Solar photovoltaic systems are designed to generate more electricity during the day than the homeowner can use.  The extra electricity is sent back to the power company and in return, the power company sends back credits.  At night, when solar panels are not generating electricity, the homeowner uses power from the utility but pays for it using those credits instead of money.  If your Net Metering agreement is with San Diego Gas and Electric, you ‘square up’ with them once a year – there is no manual process or anything you need to track, SDGE simply counts the amount of electricity you used and deducts the number of credits you earned.  If the solar panel installation was designed correctly, you will have a zero balance owed on the cost of your electricity.  There are some small unavoidable charges that solar cannot offset that the utility charges for things like power line maintenance and assistance for low-income households, but these fees are too low to be much of a financial concern.

Why Go Solar in San Diego?

The city of San Diego is one of the top solar cities in the nation and Baker Electric Home Energy is one of the best solar companies in San Diego. Our sunny weather makes San Diego the perfect place for this renewable energy. Solar panels in San Diego are so common that you probably see them every day on your way to work or on a walk through your neighborhood. As the 8th sunniest major city in America, getting solar panels in San Diego is a no-brainer!

Our free solar panel cost calculator is the fastest way to explore solar energy now. However, unlike other calculators, Baker’s solar calculator is customized to the brands we recommend and carry, along with the professional installation we provide. In other words, this means you’re getting a real estimate from real experts.

Solar Panel Installation In San Diego? Choose Baker Electric Home Energy

Baker Electric, Inc. is among San Diego’s oldest companies and Baker Electric Home Energy is built on over 83 years of electrical contracting experience. Since 1938, San Diego has become home to Baker, and today we are proud to be the leading solar installer in Southern California. In addition to our electrical expertise and attention to quality, we offer a variety of products, services, and financing options that allow you the flexibility to act today. Our experienced consultants are ready to answer any of your questions to help you find the right solution for you. 

A solar installation in San Diego with Baker Electric Home Energy takes four easy steps — consultation, design and engineering, installation, and operation. As the best solar company in San Diego with over 16,500 satisfied customers, you can trust your installation is in good hands. One of our solar energy consultants will meet with you to discuss your family’s current and future energy needs, the cost of a solar panel installation, our financing options as well as answer any questions you might have about going solar. 

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to solar companies in San Diego and thanks for considering us for your solar installation. 

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