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Whole-Home Backup Generators

Generators: backup power to the rescue

Your life is full of disruptions. Your home’s power shouldn’t be one of them, but outages are an unfortunate reality in California, especially as utilities use public safety power shutoffs to manage wildfire season – a trend projected to last for years. Whether a full outage or a rolling blackout, they leave you in the dark, with life on pause until you get your power back.

Backup Energy Solutions

That’s why so many Californians have turned to affordable and reliable backup home generators for help. They ensure a continuous supply of electricity to your home, which provides the security and safety your family needs. 

What are the benefits of a backup power supply for my home?

In our modern world, electricity isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Sure it powers your 8K TV for a relaxed Sunday binge-watching session, but more importantly, it fuels almost everything that keeps your life functioning. So when it’s gone, it’s a big deal. Here are a few ways a generator can support essential parts of your life when it matters most: 

1. Food Preservation and Preparation

It only takes a few hours for an entire fridge of groceries to spoil without electricity. Not only does that hurt your wallet, but it also limits food availability during an already uncertain time. Backup power solves this problem by keeping both your fridge and kitchen appliances seamlessly operating. 

2. Electricity for Your Home Office

If you or a family member work from home, you probably rely on Wi-Fi, your computer and your smartphone for a productive day. You simply don’t have time for a blackout that could put any of those out of commission. With a home generator, you can weather an outage without skipping a beat. 

2. Medical Necessities

Does anyone in your family depend on a medical device or refrigerated medicine? If so, this could be the biggest reason you need backup power. A home generator means peace of mind that your family can stay safe during an unplanned blackout. Plus, it can keep your phones charged in case you need to call for emergency help. Truly, your backup generator could be a lifeline when you most need it. 

How does a backup generator work?

A whole home backup generator lets you choose exactly what you want to keep running. They’re capable of supporting all or part of your home, depending on your needs and budget. This could mean not only keeping the lights on, but also the AC going, fridge running, appliances functioning and more. You get to prioritize what you need. 

Most standby home generators run on natural gas, liquid propane or diesel and can be programmed to start automatically when your power goes out. Modern generators will fire up within seconds of an outage and safely deliver electricity right to your home’s electrical panel. 

Just as easily as they kick on, they’ll also sense when your utility power returns, and transition off. The best part? They’ll do this whether you’re home or away and can even be monitored from your phone. 

How to choose the right home backup generator

A quality generator can be an especially smart investment in San Diego. The key is to pick the right generator for your home and find a trusted provider to install it. We recommend professional installation for these reasons: 

Safety First

Safety is likely one of the reasons you’re considering a home generator, so it only makes sense to start with safe installation. Generators are powerful and when not installed properly can lead to serious electrical problems. If your generator operates on natural gas, it’s especially important to comply with local licensing rules and guard against gas leaks.  

National and local codes

Accidentally cutting corners can cause significant installation problems. A local professional will have experience with the right codes and regulations, as well as a license to perform the electrical work and help you obtain necessary permits. They’ll also ensure your generator is installed a safe operating distance from your home to prevent carbon monoxide exposure.  


To choose the right backup generator for your home, it’s important to plan for the power you need, plus a small buffer. You’ll want to consider the size of your home, what comfort level you need during an outage, how often you might expect blackouts to happen, and how long you want your backup to last.  

The more circuits you plan to run, the more power you need, and you don’t want to overload them by under-sizing your generator. A qualified technician will properly calculate your anticipated electrical loads and take the guesswork out of your decision.  


We think it goes without saying (but we’ll still say it) – quality matters. At Baker Electric Home Energy, we install only the most trusted industry-leading brands, which is why we’re an authorized dealer of Generac®. With Generac, you can choose from a range of options, including the Guardian Series Home Standby Generator, which gives you the freedom to monitor and control your generator from an app. 

How to install a backup generator

The reliability of a generator depends on its performance, and performance depends on quality installation. No two homes are the same and no two families have the same needs, so when you work with Baker Home Energy, our commitment to you is a customized solution.  

We’ll start with a free consultation, where our certified professionals will visit your property and discuss placement recommendations, power needs, sizing, and options to integrate with your other systems. We’ll also help you understand the expenses you can expect, like fuel costs and maintenance. Our goal is to help you secure a backup power supply for your home that works without fail when you need it. 

Our qualified site surveyors are here to answer your questions and our trained technicians have the expertise to safely install your home generator. Give us a call and we’ll help you not only keep the lights on, but also protect the people and things that matter most in your life.