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Your San Diego Solar Installation Questions Answered – Part 2


Your San Diego Solar Installation Questions Answered – Part 2

After reading Part 1 of our Q&A with a San Diego solar installer, you should be feeling like your grasp on solar energy is getting stronger.  Unfortunately solar power can’t be understood by just a couple of questions.  That’s why we’re following up with a second round of your most common solar questions!

Q. How do you determine how many panels each home needs?

A. It’s all based on what their historical usage has been, what their future needs will be, and the orientation of the home to the sun. The more electricity you use, the more solar panels you will need to offset your electric bill.

Q. How long does a solar install take?

A. The typical installation takes 2-3 days, if there’s no extenuating circumstances.

Q. Are all roofs compatible with solar?

A. Some roofs aren’t compatible with solar. In those cases, we need to reroof either part or all of the roof to ensure that the roof will be leak and problem free for the life of the system. Since a solar system is designed to last for 25+ years, you’ll want to make sure that your roof will stand the test of time.

Q. I don’t use a lot of electricity, should I go solar?

A. The way the current utility rate structures are, higher users receive a much better payback than low energy users. That doesn’t mean solar can’t or won’t save you money immediately or long term, but the paybacks aren’t usually as attractive. The other benefits of going solar and doing your part are obviously present no matter what your usage and bills are.

Q. Do my solar panels work on cloudy days?

A. Solar panels work as long as there is some sunlight present. When it is cloudy or rainy, they won’t produce as much as when it is clear or very bright, but they’ll still be generating energy.

Q. What happens if I sell my house before paying off my solar?

A. Many homeowners are now not just thinking about their home payment when considering purchasing a house, they are wisely looking at the operating costs of owning that home. That is why many are looking for homes with solar so as not to have extraordinary costs for living in that home. Solar systems, whether financed or leased, are completely transferable to the new homeowner, along with all applicable warranties.

Q. What are solar water systems?

A. Solar water (or solar thermal) systems are designed to heat the water your home or pool uses. They are different technology than solar PV electric systems, and only function to heat water, not create electricity. Solar water systems use the thermal energy of the sun to create heat, whereas solar PV uses what’s called the photovoltaic effect turn the photons in sunlight into direct current electricity.

Still have more questions about solar? Give us a call today at (877) 543-8765. We’ll talk with you about the benefits of going solar and create a proposal for a solar system that’s custom-designed for you and your needs.