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Baker Now Installs Tesla Solar Panels

Certified Tesla Solar System Installer

Baker now installs Tesla solar panels and if you know Baker Electric Home Energy, you know we stand for quality. Both in service and products because we believe they’re equally key to your energy success. That’s why we offer only the most trusted brand names in the business. And today we’re excited to announce we now offer Tesla Solar Panels.

Installing Tesla Solar Panels: Function and style

Now that Baker installs Tesla solar panels you can get that sleek, durable, and aesthetically pleasing look you want. And with a 25-year Performance Warranty, they’re guaranteed to confidently convert sunlight to energy for decades to come.

Tesla set out to make solar beautiful, and that they did. Low-profile and minimalist in design, the all-black module compliments your existing roof for a classic, polished look.  

One of the most powerful residential photovoltaic modules available, a system with Tesla modules requires up to 20 percent fewer modules to achieve the same power as a standard system. 

Tesla modules are subject to automotive-grade engineering scrutiny and quality assurance, far exceeding industry standards.

Bundle your Tesla solar panels with a Tesla Powerwall home battery and store your solar energy for use anytime — at night or during an outage.

Baker is a Tesla Certified Installer

Tesla is known for innovation, sustainability, and investing in the future. When you choose Tesla solar panels you’re investing in your future too, and it only makes sense that you have the right support.

Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer
Certified Tesla Powerwall installer

Baker Electric Home Energy is here to provide that support as a Tesla Certified Installer. Even better, we’re also experts in all things solar — from selecting your panels to managing the permitting for your installation, to helping you finance your investment.

Building a solar system is exciting. But without the right guidance, it can feel like a maze of questions: Which installer can I trust? When is the best time to get solar installed? Which panels will offset my electric bill the most? Will I really save money?

That’s a lot to break down. But that’s why Baker Solar Professionals are here —we know the details that make the difference, so you don’t have to.

We’ll even help you monitor and optimize your performance for the most savings. We’re here to make your solar experience a great one.

 Questions? We love to answer them. Talk to one of our professional solar experts today.

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